Seed Program

Beginning in 2006, the Watson Children’s Foundation, working with Seed Programs International, sends six packages of vegetable seeds to each of the families within their qualified organizations.

Some villages combine their seeds and make community gardens but most elect to have their own gardens.


The entire community planted their garden
together in Central African Replubic


One of the family gardens in Nicaragua

This program has been a success! Families that received the seed packages have planted them successfully and are excited about the results. They’ve asked to receive the seeds again each year.

It’s estimated that these 6 seed packages will produce about 180 pounds of vegetables for a family. This additional nutrition makes a tremendous difference in the health of growing children.

Most remarkably, the six packages of seeds cost less than $1.20 total per family, including shipping and delivery to their communities. The seed program has made such an important investment in the future health of children in these families.