The Lucress Watson and Dick Watson Children’s Foundation is dedicated to bringing essential medicines and supplies to the very poorest children in the world. We’ve created a remarkable, cost-efficient program to deliver health care to some of the most remote places on earth, so that more children can grow up in good health.

Our unique approach brings essential medicines and basic supplies to children through local organizations. These ELECTED AND TRAINED health care promoters within the local organization can diagnose and treat the children in their village. (80% of all child deaths can be prevented in the village.

How We Work and What We Expect

The 4 Steps of Sustainability

1. Training Taking Place

Treating Kids

Dr. Laura Parajon trains a health care promoter in a village in Nicaragua.

2. Medicines Arrive In Village

Haiti Picture for Emailing--edited

The late Dr. Bob Johnson receives medicnes from Watson Children’s Foundation for his program in Haiti.

3. Medicines Stored In Village

Medicine Cabinet

A Health Care Promoter showing her locked cabinet and her inventory that she has in the village that she takes care of.

4. Children Treated In Village


A worried father brings his sick child to see the Health Care Promoter in the village.

How We Work

An organization contacts us, or we find an organization that we think needs our help, and together we begin the qualifying process.


Instead of training an army of our own employees or missionaries to go into isolated villages or communities, we work with organizations that are already on the ground in remote areas and have local knowledge. We purchase and ship the essential medicines and supplies that are truly essential for child health. These items are shipped to organizations that have a proven track record for reaching remote areas. Training for the health-care promoters in each village will come through organizations that already have a training system in place or will follow a model from other successful organizations that we are already helping. We will supply these model training guides.


This concept is working. Where poor people were once dependent on a stressed, distracted government to supply their medical needs, they are discovering that simple assistance can bring new health and strength to their communities.