Who We Are

The Watson Children’s Foundation was founded by Richard J. Watson and his wife, the late Lucress Watson. The Watson’s were moved by the plight of children who live outside of the reach of most assistance programs and decided to help the poorest and most helpless children in the world and focus on poor children and the things that most affect their survival and health.


Today, the foundation is still directed by the family that imagined it. Richard Watson and his daughters continue to guide its course.

The founder’s commitment is to have all the funds directly benefit children, and this intent was written into the documents that created the Lucress Watson and Dick Watson Children’s Foundation.

The foundation is set up as a trust rather than as a corporation, so its goals can’t be changed in years to come. This legal structure offers assurance that funds won’t be diverted into high administrative costs.

The foundation deals only in very low-cost essential medications, basic supplies and vegetable seeds. The Foundation does not send any money. 

The ideas and concepts for Child First Meds is based on the studies done by Dr. James Tulloch and Dr. Monica Sharma.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the best healthcare providers and/or workers are those who live and work in the community itself. Rather than sending a doctor into a community or village every so often, it is more effective, sustainable and economical for the community to learn to take care of itself.