The Problem

Child First Meds-Pie Chart

Children in rich countries do not die from common, preventable diseases of childhood, but children in poor countries do!

Over 6.3 Million children die every year somewhere in the world.

5.4 Million are under the age of FIVE

2.6 Million are babies Under 1 Month Old

1 Million die on their first day of life and the 2.6 Million that are stillborn are not even calculated into the statistics because they did not get issued a birth certificate.

We do not hear about these deaths because no one major event brings photographers to their lands.

We hope we can make a difference toward keeping Every Child Alive!

Imagine for a moment that you are about to give birth.  You are at home with few family members.  You are in pain but you have no access to a doctor, nurse, or midwife and you know there is a risk that you and your baby that you have been waiting to meet may not survive.

Imagine for a moment that you are a midwife, about to assist a mother with the delivery of her premature baby.  The birthing center where you work has no running water, no electricity and very few supplies.  You are in the dark holding your mobile phone with your teeth, the only light to assist you.  You are the mothers only source of medical help and HOPE.

These are only a couple of scenarios that illustrate the harsh reality faced by millions of mothers and health workers around the world. It is a reality that we must try to change.

The Lucress Watson and Dick Watson Children’s Foundation is dedicated to bring a steady supply of essential children’s medicines to qualified organizations in developing countries.

We are now putting a direct focus towards the millions of babies that are dying before they are 1 month old by encouraging our qualified organizations to implement a mother baby program into their already successful village health care programs.