The Problem

Child First Meds-Pie ChartChildren in rich countries do not die from the common, preventable diseases of childhood. Children in poor countries do.

Over 6.3 million children die every year somewhere in the world, that is over 17,000 every day, 1 every 5 seconds, and two thirds of these deaths could be readily averted by existing preventative strategies.

It ought to be a source of profound international shame that over 6 million children are ALLOWED to die each year from problems that have long ago been overcome in other parts of the world.

A famine that kills 10,000, an earthquake that kills 1,000, a plane crash that kills 100 – all of these may stir the world to pity and protest. But the deaths of 17,000 children EVERY DAY are allowed to pass with barely a murmur.

IT IS THOUGH A CURE FOR HEART DISEASE OR AIDS HAD BEEN DISCOVERED BUT NOT USED.  And if that comparison seems far-fetched, let it be remembered that diarrhea claims half as many lives as heart disease, respiratory infections more lives than cancer, malaria more lives than AIDS.  And the VICTIMS of these PREVENTABLE conditions are, in the main, children UNDER THE AGE OF FIVE.

In 2013, 2.8 MILLION BABIES DIED WITHIN THE FIRST MONTH OF LIFE, which represents about 44% of all under-five deaths. (Neonatal)

We do not hear about their deaths because no one major event brings photographers and reporters to their lands.  But their lives are precious, and the skills and talents they could bring to the future are lost with each sad death.

-Dr. James Tulloch (Former Director of the Division of Child Health and Development at WHO)

The Lucress Watson and Dick Watson Children’s Foundation is dedicated to bring a steady supply of essential medicines to children who don’t have ready access to modern medical care–kids who live in extremely remote rural areas.

Together, we can save cherished lives, and bring hope and health to a new generation.